Earth Hour has achieved so much

Over the years, Earth Hour supporters have helped power some pretty amazing results. From pushing for climate-friendly laws to lighting up homes and lives with solar energy, together, we've made a real, positive impact for our planet.

Earth Hour shows us the impact we can achieve together

Funded projects

Together, we've funded WWF projects all over the globe, including providing communities with climate-smart boats after typhoon Haiyan and bringing solar power to families in India .

Changed lives

We've helped bring real change to the lives of thousands of people around the world such as when we provided families with fuel-efficient stoves in Nepal & Madagascar.

Every year millions of people around the world come together to make noise about the need for action on climate change.

Earth Hour shines a light on climate action

Last year was the tenth edition of the movement’s signature lights out event. On Saturday, 19 March 2016, as WWF’s Earth Hour rolled across the world, we saw individuals, communities, organisations and landmarks in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories switch off in solidarity with global efforts to change climate change.