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Online / virtual event ideas


Go live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other streaming platform (e.g. Zoom or Twitch)! Here are some things you can do on the live stream:

  • Speak about nature loss and climate change - the two biggest challenges of our time - and share with your viewers what they can do to help an learn more
  • Share tips on how to be more sustainable, catered to your audience (for example, if you are a food influencer or celebrity chef, why not do a live stream focused on sustainable recipes! Or if you are a travel blogger, share tips on how to travel more sustainably)
  • Do a tour of your house and point out the ways you've been able to live more sustainably 
  • Hold a live DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorial of simple household "hacks" and tricks to being more sustainable
  • Hold a Q&A (question-and-answer) where you let your followers ask questions in the comments related to all things nature, the environment, or Earth Hour!
  • Host a guided meditation or guided workout in the dark!
  • If you're a singer or musician, you can perform live for your fans! Bonus points if you have nature-related songs or lyrics
  • If you are on Instagram, you can also consider doing a joint live stream with a friend, partner, or fellow collaborator! Here's how. 

If you are unable to do a live stream, you can also use existing "pre-recorded" content and videos to schedule a YouTube Premiere or Facebook Watch Party that your fans and followers can watch together on the Hour. Here are some things you can consider scheduling a Premiere or Watch Party for:  

  • Any pre-recorded videos in the above section (sustainability tips, house tour, DIY, Q&A, guided meditation, etc)
  • Pre-recorded concerts, shows, or performances in the dark
  • A nature documentary (provided you own the rights to post the video)




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Youth Groups

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Practical tips for "on-ground" events

  • In light of COVID-19, we understand that on-the-ground events may or may not be appropriate in your country. The well-being of our supporters is our top priority and we recommend following national health guidelines on hosting public events and making a decision based on the advice provided by your Ministry of Health. If you do decide to host an on-ground Earth Hour event, please ensure all your attendees wear a mask, follow local guidelines, and maintain social distancing at all times. 

  • Host your event in an accessible location that is walkable from most public transport to encourage maximum turnout and discourage event-goers from driving to the event. 
  • If catering your event, try to use sustainable or local food sources as much as possible to minimize waste and carbon footprint.
  • Minimize waste by encouraging event-goers to bring their own containers and cutlery when organizing events that provide food OR provide edible plates and cutleries instead of disposables 
  • Use paper bags instead of plastic bags, or opt for no bags at all! 
  • Provide recycling bins at your events, and encourage your participants to recycle their waste
  • Provide compost bins for food waste 
  • Rent/Reuse set-up equipment and decorations instead of buying new ones
  • Go paperless or reduce unnecessary paper usage as much as possible


Spread the word about Earth Hour and your event

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Legal disclaimer

Any events organized must be conducted in the name of the organizer and is the sole responsibility of the organizer. The organizer must make clear in all dealings with the public, sponsors and supporters that they are not acting on behalf of WWF. The organizer verifies that they are in compliance with all relevant legislation for organizing public events, apply for any permits and authorities that may be required. The organizer acknowledges that they are aware of the risks involved and voluntarily agree to assume those risks.