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THANK YOU FOR TAKING PART IN EARTH HOUR! Check back in next year for our Earth Hour 2023 events.

Please check your local COVID-19 guidelines before participating in or organizing an on-ground/physical public event.

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Event organized by local WWF/Earth Hour country team

Type of event: On-ground
22 Mar 2023
This event will contain a valuable lecture from a doctor at our university on the importance of preserving the environment A concert of university..
Pocoyo and Daniel Alzate Seccia Earth Hour party
Type of event: On-ground
25 Mar 2023
We will Join All around the world Including ENCANTO in Colombia to turn off the lights for 1 hour to Change Climate change
Earth Hour
Type of event: On-ground
25 Mar 2023
United States
Encourage Rolla homes and business' to turn off their lights for one hour.

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