Pocoyo and his friends are determined to protect our planet and make our home a better place! They are all helping change climate change - and you can join them too!

Join Pocoyo in protecting the planet

As 'Kids Ambassadors' for Earth Hour since 2010, Pocoyo, Elly and Pato have helped raise awareness on Earth Hour and the environmental challenges facing our planet among future generations, encouraging audiences - young and old - to support the cause.


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Join Pocoyo, Pato and Elly


Join Pocoyo in using greener means of transport.


With Pato, learn why we should use electricity sustainably.


Pocoyo makes changing climate change fun! He is now zooming around everywhere on his scooter instead of his car and is encouraging you to join him in using greener means of transport.


Pato now switches off the lights whenever he does not need them. He urges you to join him in leading a more sustainable life and love our planet. Remember that there are billions of people but only one Earth!


Elly continues enjoying her bath time with the tap turned off. She uses water with great care as she knows we have a limited supply of this precious resource on our planet.

Pocoyo has launched an exciting Earth Hour activity book! Hop over now to check it out and have fun while learning easy tips to help save our planet!

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