Earth Hour 2016 took place in an unprecedented 178 countries and territories, making it the biggest celebration for our planet ever, and it is individuals like YOU that made it possible. To see what we achieved together, check out Earth Hour 2016 at a glance

Visit 'Earth Hour Live' to see how Earth Hour was celebrated across the world.


A Documentary on the #PlacesWeLove

As climate change impacts some of Australia's most incredible natural places, WWF-Australia is calling on supporters to take action to change climate change and help protect the #PlacesWeLove.

United Kingdom

Let's Do More To Protect Our Planet

This Earth Hour, WWF-UK is inviting people to celebrate ‘our brilliant planet’ by ensuring the food they order, cook or eat is good and healthy not just for themselves, but for our planet too! 


United States

Support The Paris Agreement

The Paris Climate agreement reached in December offers us a real opportunity to act together to limit the damage and ensure a safer future for our children. Take action today and tell members of Congress to support the Paris agreement.

Apps For Earth

Apps for Earth Raises $8 Million For The Planet!

100% of the proceeds from participating apps and In-App Purchases will go towards supporting WWF’s conservation work.


Protect Our Species for a Living Planet

Help protect our planet and its wildlife from the impacts of climate change.


This year’s Global Earth Hour Capital goes to Paris!

Displaying strong climate leadership and ambition the ‘City of Light’ shows us what it means to shine a light on climate action!



Tell Party Leaders it's Time to Act on Climate Change

Rising sea levels and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are damaging vital ecosystems. Will you call on Scottish party leaders to act on climate change?

Southeast Asia

Protecting the Peatlands of Indonesia

To #changeclimatechange, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are uniting to shine a light on forests. Help stop the burning by signing the Peat-ition!


Watch your own sapling grow

Imagine finding a tiny sapling in the massive forest of Lombok. Sounds impossible? Not anymore. Now with state of the art Geotag Technology, you can pin point your baby tree via Google Earth and watch it grow.


An Easy Guide to Sustainable Living

Visit WWF-Russia's Earth Hour website to understand how you can lead a more sustainable life, one action at a time.


Support a ban on Plastic

This Earth Hour, the team in Cyprus is hoping to achieve a ban on plastic across the entire country to help #ChangeClimateChange.

Hong Kong

Pledge for a sustainable future

This Earth Hour, learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle when it comes to living, clothing, food consumption and even entertainment.

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