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What cities can do to help?

Switch off

Select prominent buildings in your city and turn off their lights during Earth Hour on March 28, from 8.30pm to 9:30pm.


Take part in our first-ever Virtual Spotlight

On the night of Earth Hour, we'll be posting a must-watch video on all our social media pages - and all you have to do is share it.  Share it to your Stories or to your wall, re-Tweet it, @tag other cities in the comments - the choice is yours!

Learn more about the Earth Hour Virtual Spotlight here.

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Spread the word

Communicate Earth Hour to your local media outlets, businesses, restaurants, and other establishments to promote joint action. You can also join the conversation on social media and tag us @EarthHour!


Rally the community and your partners

Call on your citizens to participate in Earth Hour.  If you can, take to social media or put up posters in your city! Do you have a partner city in another country? Ask your partner city to take part in Earth Hour and carry the message even further!

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Hero members of the community

Collaborate with your local news outlet or magazine and interview members of your community (individuals, local businesses or companies) who are striving to be more sustainable and making an impact to protect and restore nature, inspiring others to do the same! 

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Earth Hour event ideas

Host a live-stream event

Collaborate with local celebrities, influencers, performers or artists and host a live-stream on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other streaming platform! Here are a few ideas of what you can do on the live stream.

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Outdoor movie screening

Whether it's Hollywood blockbusters set in nature, or documentaries such as Our Planet (now free on YouTube), help inspire an appreciation for our natural world among the community!



Pop-up booths

Partner with local businesses and set up pop-up booths and stalls around the city. Visitors to these booths can learn more about Earth Hour and purchase plant-based foods and other sustainable products such as metal straws, bamboo cutlery, reusable mugs, face masks, and shopping bags!




Inspire the community to restore nature where they live by organizing a tree-planting initiative.




Organize a beach/street/park cleanup and inspire your community to protect the pockets of nature within the city. 



Hold a fundraising event

Partner with local environmental organizations and raise funds for their crucial work! You can also explore using online fundraising platforms like GoFundMe if fundraising on-ground / in-person is not possible.