See the big picture, give an hour for Earth

On-ground Country: Romania
Organised By Liceul teoretic Genesis College
Date: Mar 24, 2023 Time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

We aim to create the context where our students - in preschool and primary years - will have the chance to understand the importance of protecting the Planet. Opening the topic of sustainability and making them a part of such a big event will definitely make them more curious and eager to discover new ways they can keep and make Earth the place we want for them (and all the future generations) to live in. Inviting them to make such a commitment as Giving an hour for Earth is the nudge they need to be more aware of the importance of every single action and the impact these little actions have when taken repeatedly or by a large group of people. Moreover, being themselves well informed about the environmental challenges, they can start discussions with family members and other people (adults) around them, convincing everyone to celebrate Earth Hour and to turn the lights off on Saturday night. The activities we planned for the event are art & crafts workshops and a group photo with a special message for our community.