NZ Scouts Earth Hour Challenge - Earn towards your Better World Climate Change badge

Online/Virtual Country: New Zealand
Organised By Blake & Elise from Wellington
Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 12:00 AM - 11:30 PM
Location:New Zealand, in your own homes;)

Warm greetings to Scouts in NZ as well as other NZers seeing our Fevent. On the 25th of March, we will be standing united for our planet & celebrating our collective power as Scouts in New Zealand, & across the Earth. Together we want to create the Biggest Hour for Earth - & we hope you too can be a part of it! How? Simply switch off your lights at home for an hour from 830pm AND also spend 60 minutes doing something - anything - positive for Earth.  Your positive activity can be done at the same time or it can be done during the week 20-31st March 2023. Perhaps you choose an outdoors activity, or perhaps you watch a documentary about the Environment or climate change?! Don't know where to start? Click the link for some fantastic ideas thought up by the organizers of the Global Earth Hour. Scout Youth you are to choose one or more activity & take a photo of you doing it & share that as well as some information with your Kaiarahi (Leaders) at your NZ Scout Group. This can earn you your Act section of your Better World Climate Change badge! We hope that by being the first & only New Zealand based event this year we will also spread the knowledge about joining this Global event 'Earth Hour' & inspire other NZ Scouts & public members to join in next year as well. Take care and as Scouts always say: Do Your Best = Have Fun, Show Respect and Do What's Right