Earth Hour 60 campaign

On-ground Country: India
Organised By Individual ( Kuldeepika Singh memorial Environmental awareness program )
Date: Mar 13, 2023 Time: 10:00 AM - 5:30 AM
Location:Town Ruthiyai, Village Bhindu pahadi, Kunjipura, Guna MP India

Day by day activities of Earth Hour 60 campaigning are being posted As you are aware that since 2009 (from last 14 years) , we are working for Earth Hour 60+ awareness program activities, climate change control, greenhouse gases emissions reduction and natural resources conservation by our individual efforts and have spent a lot of our salary for these activities. Now, for this year (2023) we have started campaigning for Earth Hour 60+ from February 4, 2023. We are organizing Earth Hour 60+ awareness classes regularly in different parts of the country. During G20 summit (Agra UP, February 13, 2023), Earth Hour 60+ awareness programs were organized among the people and students. LiFE- Lifestyle for Environment awareness programs is being also organized. Awareness activities include- - Conservation of natural resources - Plantation of tree and conservation of tree -Saving of papers -Saving of food -Avoid wastage of food -Use of renewable energy -Practice for organic farming -Avoid wastage of electricity. -Reduce consumption of fossil fuels - Conservation of electricity in every day -Lifestyle for environment -Reduce E-waste Some photo graphs of awareness program are attached With regards Suchetahambir Singh & Hambirsucheta Singh Individual environmental and social activist;Climate change control awareness program activist , India