Lights-Out Fun: Earth Hour Celebrations at Machaan Nagarhole and Machaan Sakleshpur

On-ground Country: India
Organised By Machaan Lodges & Resorts
Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Location:Machaan Plantation Resort in Sakleshpur & Machaan WIlderness Lodge Nagarhole. - In Karnataka - India

We invite you to join us in celebrating Earth Hour at both Machaan Nagarhole and Machaan Sakleshpur! On this special occasion, we will be turning off the lights for an hour to raise awareness of our impact on the environment and the importance of conserving energy. As we observe this symbolic hour, we will also be indulging in fun group activities under the mesmerizing starry sky. Come and be a part of this memorable event as we enjoy traditional games, engage in conversations about sustainability, and relish in the beauty of the natural world around us. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and learn how we can reconnect with our planet. This event will be held at both properties - So don't miss out on this incredible experience! Join us at Machaan Wilderness Lodge at Nagarhole or at Machaan Plantation Resort at Sakleshpur for Lights-Out Fun: Earth Hour Celebrations.