Earth Hour 60+ 2023 awareness program

On-ground Country: India
Organised By Individual (Kuldeepika Singh memorial Environmental awareness Program)
Date: Feb 02, 2023 Time: 12:00 PM - 5:30 AM
Location:Village Vijaipur, Bhulay, Raghogarh Guna MP India

Every year, We are spreading awareness about the Earth Hour climate change control program. This year, from 2nd & 3rd February 2023;Earth Hour 60+ awareness program are being organized in many villages, towns and school. In a day we cover many villages and schools;and awareness events are attended by the thousands of people and students. People and students are being advised to follow Earth Hour 60+ , natural resources conservation (fossil fuels, water, water bodies and forest) , plantation on every occasions, zero carbon footprint and to use carbon free electricity every day .