Media stunt Earth Hour 2023: "Together for climate" (in German "Gemeinsam für mehr Klimaschutz")

On-ground Country: Germany
Organised By WWF Germany
Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Location:Pariser Platz, Berlin. In front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Here are some details of what we have planned: • We will be projecting the animated key visual onto a round screen with a diameter of over 2 meters by rear projection at 8:30 pm. • Our mascot Panda will be there to add some fun and excitement to the event. • We will also be displaying the message "Together for more climate protection" or possibly just "More climate protection" in large letters for all to see. (In German: “Gemeinsam für mehr Klimaschutz” or “Für mehr Klimaschutz“ • As of now, Viviane Raddatz, Head of Department for Climate Protection and Energy Policy, is scheduled to be the on-site spokesperson. We don't have an extra website for the event, as it will be 'just' a media stunt with WWF colleagues as well as media and press. The website link I'm giving below is showing our key visual, which will be projected in an animated version on a screen. The website was created so people, city or company representatives can registrate for Earth Hour 2023 and to be shown on our interactive Earth Hour map. Not to join the media stunt.