Earth Hour Urban Race

On-ground Country: Argentina
Organised By Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina
Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Location:Paseo de la Costa y Urquiza, Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires

Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina proposes a urban night race free of single-use plastics to raise awareness about caring for the planet. This classic of the racing calendar is presented in 3k and 8k. For the third time in a row the Earth Hour Urban Race is free of single-use plastics, to generate the least possible impact and reduce the use of plastic bottles. The hydration points are key to the performance of the runners: those who participate will be offered a sustainable alternative for the supply of water, distributing it in eco-reusable glasses and with free water refill, in order to avoid the use of disposable plastic bottles. In addition, the medals for the runners will be made with recycled plastic. There will also be activities in different cities of the country. In Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, together with the Iguazú Corre Civil Association, the "Plogging for the Planet" will take place, an activity that combines outdoor activities and waste collection. More information: