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Switch off your lights for an hour

The DNA of the Earth Hour movement. Switch off your lights for an hour on Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 8:30 pm your local time.

Plan on staying in? We've put together a list of 20+ things you can do for a memorable (and impactful) on-the-night experience all from comfort of your home!

Things you can do at home



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Take part in our first-ever Earth Hour "Virtual Spotlight"

👉 How? It's simple. On the night of Earth Hour, we'll be posting a must-watch video on all our social media pages - and all you have to do is share it. 

Share it to your Stories or to your wall, re-Tweet it, send it via DM, tag friends in the comments - the choice is yours!

Whether you share it with one person or one hundred, you'll be helping us place the spotlight on our planet, the issues we face, and our place within it all.
Be sure to follow us on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter to stay updated!

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Attend an event

Browse our directory of on-ground and online events around the world on the night of Earth Hour!
The health and safety of our supporters is our priority - please check your local COVID-19 country guidelines before attending an on-ground event. 

Browse events
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Organize an event

Earth Hour has always drawn its power from the people. Bring your community together (virtually) for the Hour and be a local champion of a global movement!

Already planning on organizing an event? Add it to our global event listing so others can learn more!

Tips & ideas for organizers
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Learn more about nature loss and climate change

Awareness is the first step before action. Learn about the two biggest challenges of our time, and why they are more interconnected than you might think!

Up your knowledge

Want to go further? See what's happening in your country for Earth Hour:

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