I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to connect with the Earth in such a unique way. To capture its creatures’ most candid moments through a lens means breaking the barrier between technology and nature, without one having an adverse effect on the other. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we as the human race, galvanize to protect this beautiful planet we’ve been gifted, and continue to enhance it without destroying it.

Through my photography, I aim to virtually bring my audience one step closer to the heart of nature, and through my safaris, I physically transport them to the wilderness to observe the ingenuous wild.

In practicing sustainable photography, I make my top priority a symbiotic relationship with my subject;my mantra is that this is their home, not mine, and I am a guest within it. I give preference to camps that use solar power, I make sure never to attract attention – whether that be with clothing or provisions – and most importantly, I make sure to support the local communities whose residence is alongside these animals.

My job is never to leave a footprint, merely to share the indescribable with the world. Whether it be a Cheetah, Kori Bustard or the great migration in its entirety, there is a beautiful yet untold story behind every picture printed, and the only way to hear it, is to interact with nature yourself.