United Kingdom


‘I Was Given Nature’ is the lead track on my album ‘Surrender to the Feeling’ and I was so thrilled when the WWF picked the track to represent their Connect2Earth initiative to help heal the planet.

I wrote this song from an absolute love of nature and was inspired by the other environmental songs out there, their passion to help. It was my deepest wish that WWF might be interested in it as I have known and supported them since childhood when my best friend’s father was a director there.

I grew up in the beautiful nature of Switzerland and was taken on walks in wild places from a very young age. I was encouraged to be in wonder and awe at nature and that is why I understand how important it is to foster a love of nature and to nurture it from a very young age; to establish a connection with nature that strengthens with time.  Like the song title, I feel I was given nature. This understanding was passed on to me from the previous generation and it is our responsibility to pass it on to the next.

I wish for the arts to be used as much as possible to establish an emotional bond between us and nature and it brings me great joy for my own music to be used in this way.

We urgently need to prioritise our planet’s well-being and I am so very honoured to support the WWF on this.