24 Stories around the World: Part 1

Earth Hour 2018 was only the beginning. To keep up the momentum, we're sharing the stories of 24 countries and how they rallied together to #Connect2Earth and protect our planet. This is the first part in a series of six!

Reflections on Earth Hour 2018

I’ve always been grateful that my job as Executive Director, Marketing and Communications at WWF International gives me a front row to witness the impact that we have on issues related to ‘our way of living’. One such issue that I grapple with on a daily basis is the alarming loss of nature. The evidence continues to mount and the facts are terrifying:

Climate Change: Staying below 1.5C warming limit would protect lives, economy and nature!

In this guest post by Joe Bongay, discover more about the importance of staying within the 1.5˚C temperature change and what that means for Earth.

Biodiversity and climate: joining the dots for a sustainable future

The importance of biodiversity and what the Paris Agreement means for our planet.

A tale of three cities and a trillion trees

Forests are rich with resources and wildlife, and protecting them helps not just plants and animals, but also our own mental and physical well-being! Plant for the Planet is an initiative that encourages youths to plant trees and help save our planet, and they have a new goal to plant a trillion trees! Find out more about them here.


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