Earth Hour 2019: World unites to put spotlight on nature


SINGAPORE, 31 March 2019 – Individuals, businesses and cities in 188 countries and territories worldwide joined Earth Hour to speak up for nature and inspire urgent action for the environment. As Earth Hour rolled around the globe, thousands of landmarks switched off their lights in solidarity for the planet.


Mobilizing young people to save the planet

“Nature gives us everything we need to survive: water, air and food. We must act to save nature, in order for nature to save us,”

Vital protection of crops and livestock needed to prevent food system collapse.

With the release of a landmark Global Assessment Report on the state of nature by the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) there is yet more proof that biodiversity is declining at an unprecedented rate, and that climate change and nature loss are pushing our planet to the brink.

I grew up in North Cornwall, UK right by the sea in a scenic coastal town so I was always close to nature. After moving to Singapore I needed a way to stay in touch with nature and wildlife so I joined the rescue volunteer team at ACRES. They are a wildlife charity focused on creating a caring and socially responsible society where animals are treated as sentient beings. As part of this work they rescue, rehabilitate and relocate wildlife in Singapore that are injured or have found their way into peoples homes.


My love for the mountains and nature is sky high and ever climbing! In 2019 I became the youngest in the world to climb both the 7 Summits and 7 Volcanic Summits. With me climbed WWF's Earth Hour. This is how I #Connect2Earth by climbing mountains. Switch off for mother earth, switch off for nature with me!

Pritam Milan

Hello, I am a filmmaker, photographer, and activist. For Earth Hour 2019, I decided to check out the street. I captured photographs in the street that portrayed the true essence of light energy in the lives of people. I wanted people to realize how does life energy play a crucial role in our lives and why we must strive to save it.

Earth Hour 2019 to inspire global awareness and action on the importance of nature

Earth Hour 2019 switch-off will take place on Saturday 30 March at 8:30 p.m.


SINGAPORE, 28 MARCH 2019 - On Saturday 30 March 8:30 p.m. local time, skylines around the world will go dark as millions of people celebrate Earth Hour to show their commitment to protect the planet. As nature declines like never before, coupled with the ever-present challenge of climate change, Earth Hour 2019 will focus on raising awareness on why nature matters and inspiring global action on conserving nature.

Earth Hour 2019 - the first step towards making nature matter

This Saturday, 30 March at 8.30PM local time, is Earth Hour. The world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment grows another year older and will continue to unite millions of people around the world who take part in this annual celebration. Earth Hour 2019 with its campaign  ‘#Connect2Earth’ aims to build mass awareness on why nature is important and create an unstoppable movement for nature similar to when the world came together to tackle climate change.


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