Akshaya Elizabeth

As an illustrator, the intricacies, the textures, the colours of nature all play a crucial role in my work. I assumed that being an artist alone wasn't engaging enough. However, using my art in a way to inform and be informed about what communities can do has only bolstered my mission to be an active participant for conservation!

When nature thrives, so do we

Did you know that globally, nature provides services worth around $125 trillion a year? :O As we go about our daily lives, it’s easy to forget that we depend on nature for every single thing! From the very air we’re breathing right now, to the food we love, and the water we drink to quench our thirst, we simply can’t survive without nature and all that it provides.

Nothing natural about nature’s steep decline: WWF report reveals staggering extent of human impact on planet

Humanity and the way we feed, fuel and finance our societies and economies is pushing nature and the services that power and sustain us to the brink, according to WWF’s Living Planet Report 2018.

Conservation Wins!

A curation of conservation success stories from across the world to keep you inspired to help #ChangeClimateChange and protect planet earth.

Water everywhere...or so we thought!

Water - the source of life and one of the most precious resources on Earth. While many of us may not completely realise it, the importance it holds for our survival as well as the world’s biodiversity cannot be overemphasized.

New hope for some of world’s last near-pristine coral reefs

The New Caledonian government has announced the highest possible levels of protection as defined by the IUCN for its near-pristine coral reefs.

World’s largest tropical rainforest national park announced

Serranía de Chiribiquete National Park, located in the heart of the Colombian Amazon, was expanded today to 4.3 million hectares, making it the world’s largest national park protecting a tropical rainforest.


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