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Earth Hour Tahhiti

Our actions are causing nature to suffer. We must act together to save our planet. The Fenua must rise...

French Polynesia officially celebrates Earth Hour since 2013. Last year, Earth Hour Tahiti brought together nearly 5000 participants in the three simultaneous events in Mahina and Teahupoo on the island of Tahiti and in Moorea. This year's theme is "the Fenua (country) is rising: Acting for the Fenua and inspire the world." The main event is a concert in the City of Puna'auia and tickets are payable in recyclable wastes. These wastes will then be weighed and the result will be transformed into a donation to associations for children. In addition, we will also organize the following events: In collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, an evening candlelight in all hotels, bars, restaurants and food trailers ; With the Economic, Social and Cultural Council, a photo exhibition on climate change that affects our islands and its inhabitants ; A large volunteer recruitment operation for the benefit of Polynesian associations ; The Earth Hour Tahiti Challenges, each quarter of 2016 from the month of April : 1) April-May-June : Focus on bike instead of the car ; 2) July-August-September : Try not to use disposable plastic ; October-November-December : Empty the garage all the things we no longer want to give to associations.