Tehran Municipality
Tehran, the capital of Iran, and other major cities Rasht, Kerman, Ahvaz, Urmia, and Isfahan Creative City are celebrating Earth Hour in 2016. Iran has celebrated Earth Hour since 2011 with the support of Tehran municipality.

Iran has attended the Earth Hour event at 2011, and since then the event has been held up by passionate participants among people and officials. The Earth Hour event coincides with Nowrouz, the Persian New Year celebration.

In the 7 years of holding the event, increasing public and official participation has been observed. In 2016, 42 significant urban elements at Tehran and 24 other metropolises in Iran attended the event.

This year, Tehran municipality, along with other Iranian metropolises, for the seventh consecutive years, is going to switch off its significant urban elements such as Milad Tower, Tabiat Bridge, Gonbade Mina Planetarium, for an hour on 2017, March 25th. The purpose of this action is to save energy in order to control climate change.

The Earth Hour secretariat at Tehran municipality, as precious years, is responsible for arrangements of the event in Tehran and other cities.

Our suggested plans include:

  1. Informing the public about the Earth Hour event in cyber space, print media, and installing billboards
  2. Promoting social capacities for  public participation
  3. Promoting the culture of optimized energy consumption, using public transportation system, replacing fossil fuel with clean energy, optimizing energy consumption, and modifying consumption patters