WWF Hungary
Hungary shines a light on green innovations and celebrates the Hour with a classical concert

This year WWF marks its 25th anniversary in Hungary. The Earth Hour celebrations take place in Müpa budapest, where we bring together the brightest green innovations with classical music. For the first time in the history of Earth Hour celebrations in Hungary the National Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zoltán Kocsis, is going to perform a concert dedicated to Earth Hour. Pianist Ingrid Fliter will perform her solo with only a pointed light to her piano. The concert is going to be live-streamed open for the Earth Hour community to enjoy. WWF Hungary is organising a 'science trade show' to expose some of the most progressive innovations leading to a greener future. We are showcasing IT solutions that help global innovations come to life, also presenting groundbreaking innovations in agriculture, energy efficiency, and water management. We are hosting an Innovations Workshop on sustainability and water management, and we are introducing some solutions of the brightest 14-16 years old talents of WWF's Green Generation.