ANEP - Association for New Environmental Policies
Albania is leveraging on the social power of individuals by asking them to raise their flag and plant trees in the National Park of Lura.

The ANEP and ECOVOLIS volunteers will create a fund to buy trees and plant them in an organised event on their National Day (28th Nov. 2016). 

Promotion of this campaign will start on the 28th of February digitally with the aim of planting 2000-10000 trees.

On the 19th of March, the media will promote Earth Hour by streaming a video of authorities and VIPs signing a banner for Earth Hour and calling the public to participate. Volunteers will ride around the city of Tirana with banners of Earth Hour to ask the public to attend and engage in eco-friendly practices. There will be a switch off at the central square with students who will create the 60+ sign.