7 May, 2015

10 ways to celebrate Earth Hour daily!


The Earth Hour 2015 event is celebrated in March, but climate change continues to happen. As the excitement of the big event ebbs, don’t lose your commitment to protect our planet. Here are 10 things you can do every day to help change climate change. Try them out, share with your friends and family, and use #YourPower today!


1. You can reduce your individual carbon footprint by taking public transport or cyclo-commuting whenever possible. With cities responsible for a staggering 70% of our planet’s energy-related carbon emissions, we all need to do our part!



2. Stop consumption of phantom energy by turning off your electrical appliances when they’re not in use. Electronics on standby can account for up to 10% of your home electricity usage. By eliminating consumption of phantom energy, you’ll consume less electrical energy and save a heap on electrical bills in the long term.



3. Reduce your carbon footprint even further — make the switch to greener, sustainable LED light bulbs or to renewable energy.



4. Here’s something we all can do — at work, in school, and at home — reduce paper wastage! Use recycled paper as much as you can, and remember to set your printer settings to “two-sided”.



5. Refuse, reuse and recycle plastic bags when you go shopping. Buying a pack of cookies or a bar of chocolate at the convenience store? Ditch the plastic bag at the checkout counter! Even better, bring your own reusable bag along when shopping for groceries. In 2014, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador became the first province in the country to ban the use of plastic bags and other disposable packaging. If an entire province could do it, so can you!



6. Make a conscious effort — buy what you need and reduce food wastage. When we don’t eat what we have, we not only waste food; precious resources including biodiversity and animal habitats are harmed too. In addition, climate change can drastically affect our food supply. Read up on the effects of climate change on our food.


7. Come together to show the world what the collective power of the crowd can do. Use Your Power and take action. In 2014, WWF Singapore raised over $20,000 to help prevent wildlife crime. This is just another example of the collective power of the crowd, which is the spirit on which Earth Hour is built.  



8. If you created and shared your event on our Earth Hour Tracker, we’d love to see your photos of what you did. Share your photos with us!



9. Read this article about Earth Hour, published by The Guardian to get up to speed about what our movement stands for, and the change we can achieve together. This is a great article to share with someone who isn’t sure what Earth Hour is all about.



10. Get the word out and tell your friends and family about Earth Hour! For starters, share 10 reasons why they need to take climate action now.

Remember, Earth Hour is not only about turning off our lights once a year. It symbolises our commitment to take immediate and collective action to change climate change. Every small action, when combined with millions of others, has a huge, tangible impact.