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13 April, 2015

Voices of Climate Change: EverydayClimateChange

Q&A with James Whitlow Delano, founder of the EverydayClimateChange Instagram feed that shares compelling, real-life images of climate change from around the world.
13 April, 2015

Voices of Climate Change: IKEA

As I celebrated Earth Hour this year, I recalled the People’s Climate March last September in New York. Around 400,000 people came together, united behind one cause: to urge world leaders to take action on climate change...
26 March, 2015

Three Simple Words

This year, we are asking you to be a part of climate action. Here's a checklist on how you can use #YourPower on Earth Hour. Join millions as we team up to tackle the globe’s biggest environmental challenge yet. Change starts now, right here with you.
6 March, 2015

If you are what you eat, so is the climate!

"Right," Holden said. "No coffee. This is a terrible, terrible planet." ― James S.A. Corey, Cibola Burn. Clearly, if we want to keep drinking coffee, we are going to have to wake up and smell it too! So what can we do? There are policy and technology reforms required on the food production and supply side, and experts like our ‘big brother’ WWF are working to address them. As a consumer, you too...
25 February, 2015

10 reasons why climate change is the issue of the year

First, a very warm welcome to all readers on Earth Hour’s new, official blog. Discover 10 reasons why now is the time to take climate action and join the discussion in our comments section!
19 January, 2015

On the front lines of climate change

Climate change is already impacting the lives of many. In this blog post, Sudhanshu Sarronwala, Chair of Earth Hour Global, talks about his poignant and life-altering experience in Fiji, a country on the front lines of climate change.