Earth Hour Blog

21 March 2017

Forests working for people, nature – and climate

Forests are essential to life – our life – on Earth, providing vital ecosystem services like clean air, water, food, timber, medicine and much, much more. Did you know that after oceans, forests are the world’s largest storehouses of carbon? In tropical forests alone, a quarter of a trillion tonnes of carbon is stored in above and below ground biomass. With climate change rising on the global environmental agenda, the way we value forests needs to be taken seriously too.
20 March 2017

Earth Hour Heroes (Part II)

Thanks to popular demand, we are back to feature a few more Earth Hour heroes from around the world though to be honest, these are the people who make Earth Hour the incredible movement we all love and we need no excuse to give them the shout-out they deserve!
15 March 2017

Earth Hour Heroes (Part I)

2017 is a special year for the Earth Hour movement. As millions celebrate their love for the planet, we are also celebrating ten years of the movement and what we have achieved.
27 January 2017

3 things YOU can do to help #ChangeClimateChange!

Protecting the planet starts with individuals like YOU and I. As citizens of our one shared home, it is OUR individual and collective responsibility to protect it. In this week’s blog, we share three things you can do every day to help change climate change. Because together, it’s possible! ;)
20 January 2017

2016’s Record-Breaking Temperatures Signal Increased Need for Urgent International Action

GLAND, Switzerland (18 January, 2017) – Today, NASA and the U.S National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) declared 2016 as the hottest year on record globally.
9 January 2017

Climate Change in Images

A hand-picked selection of photos from the EverydayClimateChange Instagram Feed updated weekly.
20 December 2016

Conservation Wins!

A curation of conservation success stories from across the world to keep you inspired to help #ChangeClimateChange and protect planet earth.
11 November 2016

Forestry crucial to fighting climate change

Over 20 per cent of tropical forests globally are designated by national governments for production. As the Paris Agreement comes into force, discover how protecting #forests can help achieve #climate targets!
28 October 2016

World's food and energy systems key to tackling global biodiversity decline

WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016 shows how people are overpowering the planet for the first time in Earth’s history and highlights the changes needed in the way society is fed and fueled.
16 October 2016

Climate wins as another global deal to limit emissions is reached

Gland, Switzerland – More than 170 countries agreed to amend the Montreal Protocol to allow the phase out of hydroflurocarbons (HFCs).