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22 March, 2018

Climate Change: Staying below 1.5C warming limit would protect lives, economy and nature!

In this guest post by Joe Bongay, discover more about the importance of staying within the 1.5˚C temperature change and what that means for Earth.
31 January, 2018

Five ways you can connect to Earth!

Even if you are a city dweller, you can still get in touch with nature. Here are five ways you can connect to Earth.
18 January, 2018

2017’s temperature trend turns up the heat on climate action

The official figures are in: 2017 is among the three warmest years on record, according to an announcement today from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
23 November, 2017

After COP23, time to join the dots

Momentum is a precious commodity in the climate talks. With the complexity of the negotiations, the enormous inertia working against progress, and the urgency of the need to reduce emissions, maintaining forward motion is vital.
3 November, 2017

Climate action: A great tree is growing

In a few weeks time, the world’s climate change community will gather in Bonn for COP23, just shy of the two year anniversary of the Paris Agreement being agreed by almost 200 countries.
2 June, 2017

The cornerstone of life.

Connecting people with nature is imperative for our shared future and only planet.
22 May, 2017

Happy biodiversity day, planet Earth!

Today is the International Day of Biological Diversity. We think it’s a day that matters a lot ‒ read on to discover why you should too.
6 April, 2017

THANK YOU - for yet another record-breaking Earth Hour!

On Earth Hour’s tenth anniversary on 25 March 2017, an unprecedented 187 countries and territories across seven continents came together to take an urgent stand for climate action. This year, more than 3,000 landmarks and monuments switched off their lights as millions united to protect our planet and future generations from climate change - a testimony to what #togetherpossible stands for! Read on to discover the people and organizations powering our global movement to change climate change.
31 March, 2017

What is YOUR reason to take climate action?

In celebration of Earth Hour’s 10th Anniversary, we partnered with Userfarm, the world’s largest global crowdsourcing video platform to invite individuals just like you to share their stories in our “Millions of Reasons to Take Action” video competition. From docu-shorts, to sketches and animations, each of the videos submitted presented unique insights into what climate action means to different people around the globe. This week, we share the top three videos from our 10th anniversary competition.
21 March, 2017

Forests working for people, nature – and climate

Forests are essential to life – our life – on Earth, providing vital ecosystem services like clean air, water, food, timber, medicine and much, much more. Did you know that after oceans, forests are the world’s largest storehouses of carbon? In tropical forests alone, a quarter of a trillion tonnes of carbon is stored in above and below ground biomass. With climate change rising on the global environmental agenda, the way we value forests needs to be taken seriously too.