Costa Rica





Consultants in Sustainability (CES)

In Costa Rica, we are committed to inform Costa Ricans on the causes and effects of climate change and as with concrete and sustainable action we can mitigate its effects.

Our campaigns have important educational and communication so that the message reaches all Costa Ricans stakeholders.


The annual celebration of Earth Hour has become a major event. People to show their commitment to the planet, communities, residential, family, friends, businesses and restaurants by turning off the lights in solidarity to show support for environment. With the ambassadors we go beyond the hour, reforestation campaigns, promotion of renewable energy, protection of natural resources like water and forests. We are currently eliminating the use of plastic bags by implementing educational projects in supermarkets and promoting efficient use of electricity in homes and businesses of Costa Ricans. Earth Hour is a leading initiative.



Costa Rica's territory is so small that it encompasses only 0,03% of the planet´s surface, however, the country is ranked within the top 20 richest countries in terms of biodiversity on the Earth. In fact, with only 51.100 km2 of total territory, Costa Rica has nearly half a million species, representing 4% of the planet's expected biodiversity.