Bancas for the Philippines

Together, we can keep hope afloat.

More than 145,000 fishermen lost everything in Super Typhoon Haiyan. They need boats. They need their way of life back. They need your support.

Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest storm in recorded history. Four months since it hit the Philippines, more than 146,000 fishermen still need assistance. Keep hope afloat with our crowdfunding project - Bancas for the Philippines. Help local fisherfolk build their own fibreglass boats and get back on their feet. 

Use your power to help buy a boat!


Watch Lory Tan, CEO of WWF-Philippines explain why 'Bancas for the Philippines' is such a necessary project.

More About "Bancas for the Philippines" Project - Earth Hour Blue

“We have changed the world before. We’re going to do it again. You have to believe that. We must go beyond the hour. We must do things beyond simply turning off the lights. We must do tangible (things) that will turn on the future.” 

Lory Tan, CEO of WWF-Philippines
A Real Need

The Philippines is the third most vulnerable nation to climate change. Help us strengthen the resilience of our coastal communities! 

'Bancas for the Philippines' will introduce fibreglass boat technology to local fisherfolk who lost their boats to Typhoon Haiyan. Designed for rougher seas ahead, fibreglass boats are lighter, more durable, and are easier to make.