ANEP - Association for New Environmental Policies

Albania has celebrated Earth Hour since 2009. Organised by ANEP, we raise awareness among the public and businesses on global environmental issues and the importance of individual and community actions to positively influence outcomes.

Earth Hour 2012 Albania will try to go beyond the hour, by involving citizens in using their bikes and being more sustainable. In 2014 almost 5,000 people, 5 cities and 50 companies participated in Earth Hour and planned at least one specific action to go beyond the hour. A flash mob and a party were held at the Tirana, while many landmarks across the country turned off their lights for Earth Hour. The Earth Hour activities in Albania have been sponsored by GE Albania in 2009, by Vodafone Albania in 2010 and by URI - Urban Research Institute in 2011. It has been always supported by DiGiPrint, and also in 2011 by REC.